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Is My Mosaic Controller RDM Capable?


I am working with RDM devices in my Mosaic configuration, are they compatible? 


Yes. The hardware and Mosaic Designer 2 software supports RDM addressing and mode setting, but only while in Patch and after clicking "Discover".

RDM Device Discovery

RDM devices can be discovered via the DMX port of a MSC, MTPC + TPC RIO, or on an Art-Net universe. 

1. Open the Patch tab in Mosaic Designer

2. Highlight the controller you wish to discover on

3. Click the "Discover" button

4. The opened window will display RDM capable devices connected to the selected controller


To identify a device, select the device and toggle the Identify button

To readdress a device, enter a new value in the Start Address column

To set a different Personality, enter a new value in the Personality column


The "Discover" button will only enable if:

-the controller is associated with a physical controller

-the controller has been found on the network

-the current project has been uploaded to the controller


Information taken from the Unison Mosaic Designer 2 v2.4 software help system. 



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