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Mosaic - Unsupported Modules


When opening an existing Mosaic configuration and using custom I/O Modules, it is possible to run into the scenario where certain modules appear in a folder called Unsupported.  This is a subfolder under Unused Modules.


Description/Explanation of Issue

This occurs because the Mosaic configuration is using an older API.  Most modules are created using newer API's.  Hence when older API's are selected/in-use, these modules become unsupported.


To update the API in the Mosaic configuration, perform the following steps.

  1. Open the configuration and go to the Project Tab.
  2. Under Project Properties look for Controller API.  
  3. Change the API to the latest version (highest number).
  4. Double check any custom scripts used in the config to verify that they still work as a result of updating the API.

(Mosaic 2.8.3) This screenshot shows a config that was running API 2.0.  Changing it to API 5.0 allowed the previously Unsupported Modules to now be supported.




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