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Mosaic 2.7.X and Mac OS Catalina


Users who are currently working in Mosaic Designer 2.7.X on Mac OS Catalina and higher may experience some anomalies when working in the software.


At this time, the following issues exist for users who running Mosaic Designer 2.7.X on Mac OS Catalina or higher.

  • Over patch warnings will not display. Users will not see warnings indicating fixtures exceed patch capacity of a controller.
  • The 'fixture files have changed pop up' will appear when no changes have been made to the fixture file itself.
  • Bold and Italic text will not function properly.
  • USB B connections to controllers do not work
  • KiNET .csv file will not load during import.
  • When changing a layout background color, users may experience lag.

At this time there is no known workaround for these issues, support for current Mac OS operating system is planned for the future. Should you require further assistance on these issues, please contact ETC technical support.

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