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Mosaic Designer 2 Installed After Eos Offline for Mac

If EOS Offline 2.1.0 or earlier was installed on Mac prior installation of Mosaic designer 2, users may encounter an issue where Mosaic Designer will not open or the program will crash upon start up. You may see an "Error 13" when attempting to save or load a configuration, which indicates that the program does not have the permissions necessary to function correctly.

Both EOS and Mosaic Designer use an “ETC” folder in the Application Support directory to create sub folders where settings are saved. When the EOS folder was created, it prevented other applications from saving changes to the directory. 

In order rectify this is, please follow the step outlined below:

From the Desktop 

  • Quit EOS Offline 
  • Click “Go” (Shift + CMD + G) 
  • Click on “Go To Folder” 
  • Type in “~/Library” 
  • Hit Enter 
  • Open “Application Support” 
  • Right click on the ETC Folder and select “Move to Trash” 
  • Close that Window

Launch Mosaic Designer. Mosaic Designer will recreate the ETC folder with a Mosaic sub folder with all of the proper permissions.

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