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Mosaic Designer Fails to Open on Windows 11


Due to a recent Windows 11 update, users who are running Windows 11 and any version of Mosaic Designer 2 may experience difficulties in getting the program to open. 
Mosaic Designer will attempt to load to 45% and then close. Only users who are running Windows 11 will be affected by this. 

Explanation of Issue

In a recent Windows 11 update an “OpenCL™ and OpenGL® Compatibility Pack” was installed on many machines. 
This update has been identified as an issue and will cause the Mosaic Designer 2 program to load to approximately 45% and then close. 
The Mosaic Crash Reporter will not launch when this occurs.  This issue will persist through reboots, re-installs, and will occur regardless of the users privilege level. 


Fix One


Do not use this fix if you require Atlas or Atlas Pro simulation!
Proceed to Fix Two if you require Atlas simulation. 

This fix will disable the ability simulate Atlas and Atlas Pro local simulation. Do not implement this fix if you require this. 
Standard playback simulation from MSC hardware is unaffected by this. 

  1. Navigate to the Mosaic Designer install directory.
    1. By default it's located at: "C:\Program Files\ETC\Mosaic\Designer 2\mosaic_designer.exe
  2. Locate the "mosaic designer.exe" , right click and choose 'Show More Options'.
    1. Then choose "Create Shortcut".
    2. Windows will prompt the user to place the shortcut on the desktop. Choose "Yes" or "OK".
  3. Navigate to the Desktop and locate the newly created shortcut.
    1. Right click and choose "Properties".
    2. Navigate to the "Shortcut" tab within the properties window. 
    3. Locate the filed labeled "Target" 
    4. Amend the end of the file path with "--disable_opencl" (with no quotation marks)
      1. If installed to the default directory, your full target path should be as follows:
        "C:\Program Files\ETC\Mosaic\Designer 2\mosaic_designer.exe" --disable_opencl
    5. Choose Apply
    6. Close any open windows
  4. Using the newly edited shortcut, launch Mosaic Designer 2.
  5. The application should launch without issue.

Fix Two 


These steps will involve removing a Windows application from your computer. 
Be careful to only uninstall the specified update. 

  1.  Navigate to your Start Menu.
  2. Search for "Add or Remove" programs.
    1. Search for "Open CL"  and locate the application called “OpenCL™ and OpenGL® Compatibility Pack”.
    2. Click the ellipsis (3 dots) in the right hand side of “OpenCL™ and OpenGL® Compatibility Pack” box. 
    3. Choose "Uninstall"
  3. Once the application is uninstalled, save any open work and reboot. 
  4. Mosaic Designer should now launch.
  5. Be aware that if your computer's updates are automated or managed by a group policy, this update may need to be removed each time a Windows update is pushed. 


ETC is working diligently with development teams to get an update issued to resolve this in the next release of Mosaic Designer 2. 

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