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Mosaic Scenes Not Playing Back in 2.8.0 After Update


When updating firmware from version 2.7.X to 2.8.0, if a show file is not re-uploaded Mosaic scenes will not playback. A re-upload of the show file is required for scenes to playback correctly.


We have discovered an issue in Mosaic 2.8.0 that specifically occurs after a firmware update from the 2.7 series of firmware to the 2.8.0 firmware.
Once a controller's firmware is updated, there is potential that scenes within the project will no longer playback. Timelines, triggers, and all other aspects of the project are unaffected by this bug.

This bug is planned to be resolved in the next release of Mosaic Designer.


  1. After updating firmware from 2.7.X to 2.8.0, reload the show file after the firmware update is complete.
  2.  Confirm a scenes operation after the re-upload has taken place.



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