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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

SixEye Cloud Contact Information

In January of 2020 ETC released Mosaic 2.7.4 which added support for the SixEye cloud service.

Who is SixEye?

SixEye is a Carallon company based in London England. 


What Does the Cloud Service Entail?

The SixEye cloud gives users the ability to monitor, configure, upload, and fire triggers remotely on all connected Mosaic controllers. Users can also automate events to occur and create custom graphical interfaces that allow customers to easily interact with their systems.

Detailed information about the SixEye cloud can be found by visiting:


What is the Best Way to Contact Support?

Email is the preferred method for contact. The team can reached at

Alternatively, the team can be reached at by phone +44 (0)20 7471 9406


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