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Using sACN Input to control fixtures in Mosaic

Using the sACN Input on a mosaic to control other fixtures.

Mosaic can be very useful to take sACN in to control other devices and translate sACN to another protocol but there are some rules and gotchas to watchout for when doing this sort of setup.
This is especially tricky when using more that 1 source.

Things to be aware of

A Mosaic project can only support 2 sources of sACN from external devices.
Adding a 3rd source will mean all sources will be dropped an no control.

Mosaic sACN input does not support per address priority.
If you want to do priority switching between sources you will need to make sure both sources are doing it at the universe level not the address level.

Possible work arounds

  1. Use another device to translate the sACN into DMX to go into the DMX input port on an MSC controller
  2. This could be a gateway or a Paradigm processor, both support per address priority. 
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