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Where are Downloaded Fixtures Stored in Mosaic Designer 2?

The Online Fixture Library

Mosaic 2.0 introduced the 'online fixture library' which allows programmers to easily download and install fixtures from various manufactures without the need to write a custom profile.

Working with the Fixture Library

Fixtures can be downloaded in the from the online library whenever an active internet connection is present and Mosaic Designer is open.
Occasionally it may be necessary to remove a fixture from the your library. 
To remove a downloaded fixture from the local library,  use your file browser to navigate to:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\ETC\MosaicDesigner 2\downloads\fixtures\

All fixtures are stored in a top level folder organized by manufacture.
To remove all downloaded fixtures from a manufacture, right click and choose "Delete".

To remove a specific fixture, double click on the Parent folder, select the downloaded fixture you wish to remove, right click and choose "Delete".