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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Mosaic RIO Hardware Changes


Components used in the production of the RIO As, Ds, and Input/Output modules are approaching End Of Life. 
Affected RIOs with serial numbers of 03XXX or greater will Mosaic 2.8.0 or above to function, these RIOs cannot be downgraded below 2.8.0.
Serial numbers will be located on the back center of the unit and also visible via the Mosaic Designer Network tab and via the firmware upgrade tool.

What is affected?

RIO A (Audio)


RIO 44, 80, and 08

What is not affected?

TPC - RIO and BPS  are unaffected by this parts obsolescence and will remain unchanged.

What do I do about legacy sites?

Sites running at legacy code (1.12.1 or lower) that require RIO replacements should contact their local ETC Office for service.
When possible legacy RIOs should be sent in for repair. If a RIO is unable to be repaired, please contact ETC technical services.


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