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TPC-RIO Power In Connector Change

What Changed?

In 2021 the power connector on the TPC - RIO will be updated to a new style plug and connector.

What Units are Affected by this?

TPC RIOs with a serial number of 013128 and below will use the old plug and connector.
TPC RIOs with a serial number of 021001 and greater will the the new plug and connector

How do I Know Which Connector/Plug I Have?

The Old Connector:


Power In OLD.png


The New Connector:


New Plug.png

Can I Use the Old Connector and a New Plug?

No, these connectors and plugs are not cross compatible.

I've Lost my Connector, What do I do?

Contact your local ETC office. We have a limited number of spare parts available for replacment.


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