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No Power to Paradigm Architectural Control Processor in DRd


Blank screen on the Architectural Control Processor, no LEDs to the left of the screen.


This means the Architectural Control Processor (ACP) at the bottom of your DRd has no power. If the rack was working before, the first question to ask is if there was recently a power event. Power events can negatively affect different parts of the rack.

The ACP receives power from the Dimming Engine module at the top of the DRd rack. the Dimming Engine receives either 120v or 277v incoming power to the rack.

  1. First, make sure the ACP is firmly seated in the rack. It slides in, so just push it to ensure a good connection.
  2. Second, fully power down the rack for a minute then reapply power to see if anything comes back.
  3. Third, flip the dimming engine into TEST mode using the test switch on that module.
    1. If all of the signal lights on the rack and all of the lights in the actual space come on, the dimming engine still has power. Either a connection between the dimming engine and the ACP is bad or the ACP itself is dead (it will more likely be the latter). You can power down the rack and check those connections, but the ACP might need repair.
    2. If no lights come on, the dimming module is dead and might need repair.
  4. To fully determine if the dimming engine is dead or incoming power to the rack is bad, look at the optional Station Power Module (SPM) that would live above the ACP. It gets the same incoming power as the dimming engine. If the SPM's LEDs are on but the TEST option does not work, the dimming engine needs repair. If the SPM's LEDs are off and the TEST option does not work, have an electrician check incoming power to the rack.


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