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P-ACP Facepanel Record Failed message


When trying to use a P-ACP Facepanel to Record a Paradigm Preset, the message "Record Failed" appears.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The reason this occurs is because Paradigm does not detect a change in the state of the Preset that it is attempting to record.  In other words, the Preset that is currently active has not been altered, therefore it chooses not to record over the same lighting levels.

In a DRd, if Set Levels is used to change the lighting levels, this action does not count as "changing lighting levels" in a Paradigm Preset.  The reason is because Set Levels is a form of control hosted by the DRd Dimming Engine and not the P-ACP; hence Paradigm is not aware of a change to the active Preset.  


If using a DRd P-ACP Facepanel to change lighting levels, be sure to use Control Channels from the Arch Control screen (Light Bulb button) and not Set Levels. Then try to Record Preset again.

If using an ERn, make sure that the P-ACP is in the same Paradigm Project (in server systems).