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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Does ETC's Partition Sensor work with a P-ACP's contact inputs?


The partition sensor provided by ETC is made up of two parts: Automation Direct #s C18R-0P-2A (sensor, ETC # SGM1639) and C18E-00-2A (emitter, ETC # SGM1640). The emitter directs a beam toward the sensor, which outputs a normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.) contact closure depending on whether or not the beam makes it to the sensor. This sensor is integrated into Paradigm systems by a connection to a UHCI, but the P-ACP (within an ERn or DRd) also has contact inputs. Does the partition sensor work with the contact inputs of a P-ACP?


No, the partition sensor is a wet contact closure, so will not work with a P-ACP.

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