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Why is my Paradigm Processor Showing an Under Voltage Error?


Your Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP) is showing an "under voltage" error for Phase A, B, C, or a combination of those three.

Explanation of Issue

The P-ACP will display an "under voltage" error for one or more phases of incoming power if the dimming engine at the top of the rack detects low voltage on that phase. Generally, anything under 10% of the operating voltage for a system will trigger this error. For example, in a 120V system, anything under 106V of incoming power would likely cause the error.

The error will often show up after a power outage, or power event of some kind.


First, we must determine whether the error is simply a holdover from when the power event occurred.

  1. Locate the mains breaker that controls the power feed to your Paradigm rack.
  2. Shut off the breaker, and confirm that the entire rack has powered down.
  3. Wait 30 seconds, then turn the breaker back on to re-energize the rack.
  4. The dimming engine will re-sample the incoming voltage, and if it is within normal limits, clear the error.

If the error is still present after your P-ACP boots back up, the incoming voltage may legitimately be low. Consult with a certified electrician, who can meter the incoming voltage to get an accurate reading. If the voltage is low, the issue lies with the incoming power feed, possibly the transformer.

If the voltage meters correctly, your dimming engine has likely been damaged. The switch in the bottom right of the dimming engine may work to put your rack in Test mode (all circuits on at full with no additional control). Contact your local ETC dealer to arrange an RMA for repair of the dimming engine.

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