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P-ACP displays Dimming Configuration Mismatch when using ELV10 Modules and LED Smoothing Reverse mode


My DRd has ELV10 modules and the Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP) displays Dimming Configuration Mismatch when it reboots. If I choose to use Dimming Rack Configuration the error comes back on another reboot, and if I alternately choose to use Backup ACP config, the mode gets changed and isn't correct.

Explanation of Issue

This is a result of a bug in P-ACP v4.2.4 and lower tied specifically to using the LED Smoothing Reverse dimming mode on ELV10 modules. All other modes and modules should not cause this issue. Additionally this issue is not present in Echo Architectural Control Processors (E-ACP).


This will be permanently resolved in a future release of Paradigm, but until then there are two workarounds:

  1. If the P-ACP reboots for any reason, always choose to use the Dimming Rack Configuration when presented with the error. This will ensure proper operation of the rack.
  2. Investigate if a different dimming mode is compatible with or can be used with the specific load wired to that ELV10 circuit. If so, this issue will never present itself since all other ELV10 dimming modes don't run into the bug.


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