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Paradigm Processor Screen Shows Unassigned Processor


After loading an architectural configuration to a Paradigm Architectural Control Processor, the home screen state 'unassigned processor'

Description/Explanation of Issue

In a Paradigm system, every processor has a unique assignment, which is especially important for multi-processor setups. If the system only has one processor, it will often times default the assignment to Processor 1. Otherwise, you will want to use the processor's menu to assign it as needed.

Be aware, in order to assign the processor, you will need to know what it should be assigned as. If this is a one-processor system, it is usually safe to choose processor 1. For multi-processor setups, check to see what the other processors are assigned to first to help narrow down which one this processor should be.


  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Arch Setup > Assign Processor/IP
  2. Choose to Select New Settings
  3. Select the processor option the unit needs, and hit the checkmark button to accept the assignment
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