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What happens if AUX and LON are swapped in a Paradigm system?

In a Paradigm system, AUX power is 24vdc, and LON is 42vdc. If AUX power is applied to the LON bus wiring accidentally all connected stations should still function normally after the wiring is corrected. If LON power is applied to the AUX wiring, there is a strong possibility that any devices connected to AUX will be damaged due to the much higher voltage on the line. Damage caused by the reversal of AUX & LON wiring is not covered under warranty.

Possible affected devices are below:

  • Paradigm Station Power Module (P-SPM)
  • Paradigm Station Power Module Mk2 (P-SPM-E)
  • Paradigm Repeater Power Module (P-REP or P-DREP)
  • Paradigm Touchscreen stations (P-TS7 or P-LCD) if connected via LinkConnect
  • Paradigm Portable Connector stations (UH1RS)
  • Paradigm Contact Interface stations (UHCI)
  • Paradigm Fader Interface stations (UHFI)
  • Paradigm AV Serial Interface station (UH1AV)


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