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Paradigm and Heritage Station Auxiliary Power Consumption

Note-Icon.png Note: The Paradigm Station Power Module (SPM) and Repeater devices supply 1.5A @ 24VDC (36W) of auxiliary power maximum.
Device Maximum Auxiliary Power
P-LCD 250mA(6W)
P-TS7 270mA(6.5W)
PLCD-DOCK 350mA(8.4W)
PLCD-WAS 50mA(1.2W)
UHCI-8 (Relay Out) 150mA(3.6W)
UHCI-4 (LED Out) 50mA(1.2W)*
UHCI-16 (LED Out) 100mA(2.4W)*
UHFI-8 (LED Out) 50mA(1.2W)*
UH1AV 30mA(720mW)

 * power consumption without external indicators connected

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