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P-LCD Unbound, Initializing Session State


In 2014 we discovered a bug in Paradigm in which P-LCDs would become unbound (lose communication with) their Paradigm processor.  When this occurred they would then attempt to reconnect, start Initializing Session State, and fail around 50%.

Explanation of Issue

This bug was present in Paradigm v2.1.0, and resolved in Paradigm v2.1.2.  If you are experiencing this issue, please contact ETC Technical Services and if you are eligible a technician can be sent to update your site.


To immediately but temporarily resolve this issue:
  1. Press the reset button on the Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP).  This is a small hole next to the USB port on the processor.  Simply use a paperclip or pen tip to tap and release this button.

To resolve long term
  1. Contact ETC Technical Services and a technician can be scheduled to update the Paradigm system to v2.1.2


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