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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

P-TS7-H with shiny metal end caps instead of anodized


Toward the end of May 2019, ETC discovered that several P-TS7-H (Handheld) touchscreens shipped with one of the metal end caps in a shiny finish instead of the standard anodized finish. Although this does not change the functionality of the product, ETC can send a replacement part which can easily be swapped on site. Please contact ETC Technical Services with product serial number in hand to begin this process. Below is an image of what the regular anodized (on the left) looks like compared to the incorrect shiny finished (on the right):


End Cap Swap Instructions

  1. Power off the P-TS7-H by holding down the power button for several seconds.
  2. Set the P-TS7-H face-down on a flat surface, with the top facing up.
  3. Remove the two screws on the right (circled), then slide the end cap off in the direction of the arrow to the right:
  4. Orient the new end cap as shown in the image below. Simply slide it into place from where it was removed, and replace the screws as indicated in the image above:
  5. Power the P-TS7-H back on by holding the power button until the display lights up.
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