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Paradigm P-TS7 2.1.2 Touchscreen Issues (2015)

In July 2015, shortly after the release of the Paradigm P-TS7 touchscreen, it was discovered in the field that there were issues present within the firmware, that when connected via LON, would cause the screen to crash (freeze, lock up, reboot etc.). Sometimes this occurred as a user approached the touchscreen; others report it locking up while moving their finger around a color picker. Other screens crashed at random times while using any function. Ultimately some screens would watchdog and restart themselves. Power cycling the P-TS7 or the Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (PACP) would bring the screens back for an indefinite amount of time.

While there are multiple reasons that caused the screen to crash as part of this bug, they have been fixed in firmware v2.1.3 (compatible with Paradigm systems running the v2.1.2c package), which was released on January 28, 2016.

If you are having issues with a rebooting touchscreen that was installed any time from June 2015 to present, please contact ETC Technical Services in your region for proper diagnosis. If ETC determines the cause is due to the bug above, an ETC technician will need to come come to your site and upgrade the firmware in your P-TS7 to correct the problem.

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