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Upgrading Smartlink DRd to Echo DRd


Is it possible to upgrade a Unison Smartlink DRd rack to be a Unison Echo DRd rack? If so, what is necessary for this transition?


Yes! This is possible.  There are several components that can be re-used by Echo, including but not limited to: the Dimming Engine, the Rack Enclosure itself, the modules in the rack, and the communication wire to any stations.  

However, there are also several components that will need to be replaced as they are not compatible with both Smartlink and Echo. The items that must be replaced are as follows:

  • Smartlink Architectural Control Processor (ACP) replaced by Echo ACP.
  • Smartlink Station Power Module (SPM) replaced by Echo SPM.
  • All Smartlink stations replaced with Echo stations.
  • Right Input/Output PCB (Right I/O) revision "A-E" replaced by Right I/O revision "F" or later.  
    • You can order PN: 7183B5706 to replace the Right I/O.  This is the same part but without the connectors that are already in the rack.  

If you are planning to add a Network connection to the rack, you will also need to add an Echo Left I/O card. PN: 7186A1209

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