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Saving the Config File from a Smartlink Architectural Control Processor (S-ACP)

Why Save the Config File?

There are 2 reasons to save your Smartlink config:

  1. To have a backup copy if your processor goes down
  2. To load the configuration onto a loaner processor if yours needs to come in for repair

How to save the config file


The config file must be saved using an SD card between 16mb and 1gb in size; the card must be formatted as FAT16 or FAT32.

The following related memory card types are incompatible with the SmartLink ACP, even if they fit the form factor of the SD card slot:

  • SD high capacity (HC) card
  • Multimedia Memory (MMC) card
  • miniSD card
  • MicroSD card with adaptor
  • Transflash card with adaptor
  1. Press the check mark button to navigate to the main menu.
  2. Use the scroll wheel to navigate to the "File Operations" menu.
  3. Select either "Save Dimming Config" or "Save Arch Config," depending on which configuration you're trying to save.
    1. The dimming config tells the processor what kinds of modules it's controlling and what mode they're in; the architectural config determines the behavior of any Smartlink stations in your system.
    2. You can also select "Save Rack Config" to save both at once.
  4. Select "Name" and press the check mark to open the list of available file names and select one.
  5. Scroll to "Save to SD Media" and press the check mark.
  6. After the DO NOT REMOVE MEDIA screen goes away, hit the < button until you're back at the main screen of your S-ACP.
  7. Remove the SD card from your processor and save the file to a safe place. After this, you can reinsert the SD card into the slot on the S-ACP and leave it there if you want to have it on hand.
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