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Why did the scroll wheel on my Smartlink Architectural Control Processor (S-ACP) stop working?


The scroll wheel around the check mark on my Paradigm, Echo, or Smartlink Architectural Control Processor (ACP) has stopped working. Number navigation only goes so far into the menu structure, so how can I get the scroll wheel to resume functionality?

Explanation of Issue

Typically this happens when the scroll wheel's calibration changes, which often is the result of large temperature or humidity swings. This is more frequent in the Spring and Fall seasons, on new job sites where HVAC conditions are in flux, or in facilities (like schools) that shut down their HVAC for the Summer.


Power cycling the ACP will force the processor to re-calibrate the scroll wheel. A simple reset, using the recessed reset button on the front, may not work. It is recommended to fully power off the ERn or DRd rack and back on. If you find the scroll wheel still does not function after power cycling, try powering off the ERn/DRd again, but leave it off for 5-10 minutes. If the wheel continues to not function the unit may be defective and you should contact ETC Technical Services for further assistance.


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