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Complex Colored Models in Earlier Versions of Augment3d Appear Monochromatic in Version 1.2+ After Using Beta


Large and complex models that had coloring applied to them on import into a show file created in version 1.0.x (Eos 3.0.x) now appear monochromatic or with all parts of the model using the same, incorrect material/color in version 1.2.0+ (Eos 3.1.0).

Explanation of Issue

During the Eos 3.1.0/Augment3d 1.2.0 Beta cycle, there was a defect in the new to that version Materials handling that incorrectly assigned the wrong material (often the base color of a part of a model) to all parts of the model. This only affects show files that were created in a version of Eos/Augment3d prior to the 3.1.0/1.2.0 beta and that were opened in Eos Beta prior to version / Augment3d version and saved in the Beta version. Show files created prior to the affected beta versions and opened/saved in Eos version / Augment3d version or later (including the released versions of 3.1.x/1.2.x) are not affected by this behaviour.


  1. Open the version of the show file saved prior to Augment3d 1.2.x / Eos 3.1.x
  2. Adjust the model as necessary
  3. Merge any programming changes from the show file saved during the beta cycle.
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