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Gobo Names Affect Augment3d Visualization Behaviour


Augment3d visualizes changes that shouldn't be happening when using Gobos but only on certain gobos, usually custom.

Explanation of Issue

We have discovered that certain words in the name of a gobo (standard or custom) can be interpreted as a command by Augment3d to visualize the behaviour associated with that name.

Currently known words interpreted as commands:

Word Behaviour Exhibited Affected Versions Workaround


The gobo will visualize as spinning even when in an indexed mode


Custom Gobos: Remove the word spin from the name and reimport

Standard Gobos: Avoid using gobos with spin in the name

- When rotating, the gobo will always spin counterclockwise 3.0.0+ Avoid using - by itself in the name of the gobo


ETC is working on a permanent fix in the software to resolve this issue. Until that fix is included, the workaround is to avoid using the words known to cause issues in the name of the gobo.


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