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Microsoft Store Appears on Windows 10 When Trying to Install Eos 3.x as an Administrator


The Eos 3.x installer fails to open when run as an administrator on a Windows 10 PC. Instead a Microsoft Store window appears that doesn't seem to completely finish loading.

Explanation of Issue

In Windows 10, Microsoft defaults the security settings for adding and removing programs to only allow installation of applications that are listed in the Microsoft (Windows) Store. Because Eos 3.x is not listed in the Microsoft Store, the store can't verify the installer and it blocks the installation of the software.


  1. Press the [Windows Key]+S to open a Windows Search
  2. Type "Apps & Features" and press [Enter] to open the Apps & Features settings
  3. In the section "Choose where to get apps" click the dropdown displaying "The Microsoft Store only (recommended)" and choose any of the options beginning with "Anywhere"
  4. Close the settings page and re-run the Eos 3.x installer.
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