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Stuck on 'Waiting for Console to Connect' When Launching Augment3d


When I attempt to launch into Augment3d on ETCnomad, it does not launch past a pop up that says 'waiting for console to connect...'

Description/Explanation of Issue

You will see this if you are launching into Augment3d tether mode. Tether mode is an option that allows computers to act as an extension of the main console running Augment3d. More information on this mode can be found on this page of the Eos manual.


If you do not have another console running primary with Augment3d and just want to run it on this computer, exit to the shell and launch into Primary instead of Augment3d Tether.

If you are trying to connect to a console running Augment3d, make sure both the computer and console are set up properly on a connected network with compatible IP addressing and that the primary console already has the Augment3d tab launched.


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