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Vectorworks: Not All of the Symbols Used in my Plot Appear in the Eos Source File List


After drafting a plot in Vectorworks using multiple lighting symbols and then using the Augment3d Plug-in to export the data, not all of the fixture types are appearing in the source file list to map to the correct fixture personality.


Explanation of Issue

While there is a property called "Instrument Type" in the Object Info box when the fixture is selected, the field that is actually being used by the Augment3d Plug-in comes from the Light Info record attached to the symbol called "Inst Type". The "Instrument Type" is treated by Vectorworks as a descriptive field, while the "Inst Type" is treated as a fixture identifier.




  1. Duplicate the symbol in the Resource Manager so that you have unique symbols for every type of fixture.

  2. Using the Lighting Symbol Maintenance Report, edit the symbol to show the correct type.


  3. If you have already used the symbols in your drawing, you will be asked if you wish to update them when you choose okay:

    1. If you know you want to update all symbols in use, you can tick the box prior to accepting the dialog:


You must update the Light Info record in the symbols already drawn for those changes to take effect.

  1. Once you have the correct symbols in your Resource Manager, draw or replace your fixtures to use the corrected symbols.

  2. Re-export using the Augment3d Plug-in

  3. Import to Eos and map as normal:

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