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ColorSource Console Power Supplies

ColorSource consoles are shipped with a 12v power supply with a locking ring connector.  It is important to use the manufacturer's recommended power supply. The use of other power supplies could lead to malfunction or erratic touch screen operation.

Issues have specifically been reported when a ColorSource Console was operated with an older SmartFade power supply.

ColorSource consoles currently ship with a 12v, 60w power supply.  At initial release, they shipped with a 12v, 40w power supply.  These two power supplies are interchangeable.  The part# to order a replacement power supply is 7225A2020-US (for an Edison-style parallel-blade connector); 7225A2020-EU (for UK and EU IEC cables); or 7225A2020-INT.

Caution-Icon.png If the recommended power supply was lost or not available, another +12V power supply can be used temporarily. Do not use a power supply rated higher than +15V. Any power supply higher than +15V will cause the internal protection diode to fail and possibly damage the internal voltage regulators.

Power Supply Draw:

When the supply is plugged into Mains power, but the ColorSource console is not connected, the power supply draws 0.5W

When the ColorSource console is plugged in and active, it draws a maximum of 18W.  When it is set to hibernate, it draws 4W.


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