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How To Access ColorSource Console Face Panel or Button Fader Test


If buttons or faders on a ColorSource Console are not working correctly, a Button and Fader Test can help you to determine if the problem is hardware or software related.


  1. Power off the ColorSource Console as you normally would, by holding down home and then confirming.
  2. Wait for the console to tell you it is safe to power off, and then disconnect power from the console.
  3. Hold down the four center buttons under the screen while powering back on.
  4. Keep holding these buttons until you get to the Factory Menu.
  5. Choose "Button and Fader Test" and move faders/press buttons.  This should register changes on the screen.  If it does not, or behaves oddly, you have a hardware failure.  If it works normally the issue is something in the software.
  6. To return to normal operation power cycle the console.
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