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Colorsource Simple Mode Playbacks Do Not Proportionally Fade Parameters


In Simple mode, lowering one of the four playback faders above the touchscreen with non-intensity parameters recorded to it only changes the intensity of the recorded channels, not the non-intensity parameters*, even if Bi-Directional Parameters on Playback Faders is enabled in Settings.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Playback faders in Simple mode are intended to give the user 4 static scenes. To achieve this, these faders play back in a unique fashion: raising the fader above 0 fires the non-intensity parameters as if you had hit the bump button in Move/Go mode. This ensures that while you can adjust the intensity of a scene using the fader, there can only be one scene active at a time. The disadvantage of this is that you cannot use the playbacks to control individual parameters such as pan or tilt. To create playbacks in that manner, you must use Complete control mode.

*This does not apply to color parameters, which mix on faders normally in Simple mode.

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