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How to Check DMX Addressing for Fixtures from Fixture Library and Edit Profiles


I want to verify the DMX addressing and value ranged for a fixture that exists in the fixture library on my ColorSource console.


You can use one of the following options to look at these values:

  • The 'Show Universes' portion of the Patch screen shows all of the patched addresses in the current universe, including what parameter the addresses have been assigned
    • EX: Channel 1 is patched as a Generic RGB fixture, with addresses 1-3. In 'Show Universes', address 1 will say RED, 2 will say BLUE, 3 will say GREEN, and will show the DMX value (0-255) that address is currently at
  • The CS Personality Editor will detail all attributes of a profile if the profile is imported into the program

Steps to Solution

To view the addresses in Show Universes:

  1. From the main screen on the console, navigate to 'Setup' -> 'Patch'
  2. Make sure that at least one channel is patched to the profile you want to look at
  3. Tap 'Show Universes'
  4. You should see the addresses and their values/parameters (you will need to scroll to look through the various addresses)

To view the profile in the CS Personality Editor:

  1. Install the Personality Editor on a PC console (download available here
  2. Patch the desired profile in a ColorSource show
  3. Export the show file to USB
  4. Open the Personality Editor program
  5. Select 'Open' and navigate to the USB folder
    1. in the pop-up window, make sure that it is set to look at Show Files (*.json) or All Files (*)
  6. Select the file and open it
  7. You should see the profile or profiles from that show file

At this time, the CS Personality Editor cannot be used to edit existing profiles from the onboard fixture library, just to view their data. The Personality Editor can be used to create new, custom profiles.


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