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Cobalt 20 Keyboard Tray Update


In mid 2017 we switched to small backlit keyboard for the keyboard tray in Eos Ti and Cobalt 20 consoles.  The older keyboard was discontinued at that time.  The backlit keyboard is M8283-F for the US/English language market.  This tray would not fit in the standard keyboard tray installed in Eos Ti and Cobalt 20 consoles, and so a new tray was developed to fit the new keyboard.

In August of 2017 we released a keyboard tray update kit to allow older consoles to accommodate this new keyboard.


The keyboard tray replacement kit is 4350K1031.  The service note including instructions on installation is 4350M3302.

If a customer has a console shipped before mid-2017 and would like to use the newer, backlit keyboard then they will need to purchase and install this kit before the keyboard will fit.  Consoles manufactured after mid-2017 can already accommodate the newer keyboard.


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