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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Cobalt File Extensions

Extension Description Version
ASC Congo/Cobalt Show File

4.x.x - 7.x.x
8.x as Export

CSF Cobalt Show File 8.0.0 - Current
CFG Congo/Cobalt System Settings Backup File 6.x.x - Current
DEF User Template Library Definitions Backup File 7.0.0 - Current


Moving between versions

ASC files created in earlier version of Cobalt or Congo can be opened on Cobalt v8+ using the normal File > Open menu. Subsequent Save or Save As actions will create a new CSF file, which will be used going forward.

Cobalt V8+ can export ASC files by going to File > Export ASCII Light Cues to USB - note that a USB stick is required even on the ETCnomad (offline editor) version. This ASC file can be opened by earlier versions of Cobalt/Congo (though this is not guaranteed, and v8-specific information may be lost), or imported into other consoles

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