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Cobalt Fixture Library 15.4.0 or Greater Should Not Be Installed on XPe Consoles


We have discovered that Cobalt fixture library update version 15.4.0 onwards (Oct 2019) may not be usable on XPe Congo family consoles as they have grown too large for these consoles and the Import Template Wizard may time out and cause a crash.

Fixture library update version 15.6 and greater will not install on an XPe Congo family console at all to avoid this issue.


If you have an XP console and need fixtures from a newer library:

  1. Install the fixture library update on a Windows 7 Console or Cobalt ETCnomad that is running the same version of software your XPe console is running
  2. Open your existing show file on the updated console or computer
  3. Import the new templates into your show file
  4. Save your show file and transfer it back to your XPe console to continue programming as necessary.

Once imported into a show file, the template may be patched and re-patched on any Congo and Cobalt family console.

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