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Cobalt Offline for Mac Installed after Eos Offline for Mac

If Eos Offline is installed on a Mac prior to Cobalt, the folder that saves the Cobalt Settings information has the incorrect permission and doesn't allow Cobalt Settings to be written to it.  Eos and Cobalt both use an 'ETC' folder in 'Application Support' to create sub folders where settings are saved in product subfolders.

When Eos creates that folder it is setting the wrong folder permissions that don't allow Cobalt Settings to save to it as well. 

Here is the workaround if Eos was installed first:
  • Install Cobalt as usual
    • Click on {Go}
    • Click on {Go To Folder...}
    • Type in ~/Library and [enter]
    • Open 'Application Support'
    • Right click on the ETC folder, and click "Move to Trash"
  • Close that screen
  • Start Cobalt Settings (or Cobalt V8 and go to Settings)

When you start Cobalt Settings (or Cobalt V8 and go to Settings), it will create the ETC folder with a Cobalt sub folder with all of the proper permissions for both applications to use.  You need to delete the folder because it doesn't have the correct set of users to just change permissions of the folder.

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