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Finding the Software Version on a Congo/Cobalt Family Console

Sometimes you need to know which version of Congo or Cobalt you are running to determine feature compatibility or other troubleshooting needs.

Method 1 - Look in the Left Corner of the Primary Screen:

On all consoles and while running Congo or Cobalt on a computer, the primary display window will show either the Cobalt or Congo logo with the version number printed below it.

Congo Cobalt v7 Cobalt v8
6.4.1.png 7.3.1.png 8.2.1.png

Method 2 - Look in the About Dialog:

For a more detailed view of version numbers, the About dialog is located in the Browser menu. While it varies by software version, it is usually found in [Browser]>About>About Congo... or About Cobalt... listed at the top of the browser.

Congo Cobalt v7 Cobalt v8

v6 Browser.png

6.4.1 Full.png

v7 Browser.png

7.2.0 Full with Tribute.png


8.2.1 Full.png

Method 3 - Look at the Welcome Screen:

if the show file is not running, the version number is also displayed on the welcome screen before entering into Congo or Cobalt.

Congo Cobalt v7 Cobalt v8
6.4.1.png 7.3.1.png 8.2.1.png
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