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Record Attributes for: Each Device vs. Each Device Type

Upon recording a palette, a dialog box appears that has two settings: Palette Name and Record Attributes for:

The Record Attributes for: setting decides the behavior of a palette using the following options: [Each Device] and [Each Device Type].

[Each Device] is used when each individual device requires a unique setting for the affected parameters. This is common with focus palettes. For each moving light to point at the same point on stage from wherever the fixtures may be located, each fixture will have its own unique Pan and Tilt levels.

When this type of palette is recalled, it can only be applied to devices that were selected when the palette was being recorded; it will have no effect on any other devices.

[Each Device Type] is used when a rule is to be created for each type of affected device that can be generally applied to any devices of those types. This is more common with color palettes. If there are twelve devices, and four are Model X, four are Model Y, and four are Model Z, then a palette recording the attributes for [Each Device Type] will make one rule for X's, another for Y's, and another for Z's.

The practical application of this is that all of the X's are going to mix the color red the same way, but they probably mix the color red differently than all of the Y'z and all of the Z's. By recording a color palette for [Each Device Type], the palette "Red" can be applied to any of the X's, Y's, or Z's, and still generate the color red regardless of how each different fixture mixes to that color.

When this type of palette is recalled, it can be only be applied to any type of device that was selected when the palette was recorded. That is, if one of a dozen Selador Vivid-R's were selected when a palette was recorded, then the palette can affect any of the Vivid-R's even though they were not selected when the palette was recorded, but if applied to a Selador Lustr, the palette would have no effect.

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