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Recording Screen Layouts on Congo

It's not unusual when programming to have to switch between docks and tab arrangements on the fly. It can be difficult getting tabs rearranged in a timely manner if more than a few are open which is why you can record a screen layout to a direct select and recall it quickly later.

A given screen layout will keep track of which tabs are displayed on each monitor, which docks are open, how docks are sized, zoomed, which tabs are locked or unlocked, and other traits of how your displays are setup.

For example, you may want one screen arrangement during programming phases that displays the Channel Layout Editor, the Groups page, and the Sequence Editor. During a live event, you might want to switch over to a new set of screens that shows you instead the Main Playback, Live, and Live Effects tabs. You can record both of these screen layouts to direct selects and recall them instantly.

On Congo, all you have to do is set a bank of direct selects to the Screen type, then press [Record] while holding down the corresponding button you want that layout to be recorded to. Now no matter which tabs you open or move around, when you press that direct select key, it will put everything back where you had it.


[TYPE]&[SCREEN] [RECORD]&[Direct Select Key]

Congo Jr. with Master Playback Wing:
Enter Direct Select mode by pressing the [Direct Select] key on the playback wing. Now follow the same steps as for full-size Congo. Afterwards, to restore the playback wing to Master mode, press the [Direct Select] key to exit Direct Select mode. Whenever you want to recall those screen layouts later on, just pop back over to Direct Select mode.

Keystrokes (presuming you're not already in Direct Select mode):


Congo Jr. w/o Master Playback Wing:
Before trying to record a screen layout on a Congo Jr. without using a playback wing, take a look at this article about using direct selects on Congo Jr. Once you've reached a point where you have a direct select bank setup for the Screen type, press [RECORD]&[Direct Select Key], the direct select key being whichever of the 10 soft-keys across the top row that you'd like to assign that screen to.


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