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Using Time Masters to Speed Up or Slow Down Chase Sequences


Note about screenshots: Entire columns of data have intentionally been removed to reduce the width of the graphics. Anything cropped/removed from the screenshots was not essential to this Wiki entry.

Time Masters can be used to dynamically change the Rate of a Chase Sequence on-the-fly. When a Time Master is at 50%, it will run a Chase Sequence at normal speed. Moving the Time Master to 0% will pause the Sequence, while at 100% the Sequence will run at twice its normal speed.

Time Master Level

Chase Sequence Rate






          x1 (Normal Rate)




            x0   (Pause)

Using a Time Master requires three things: 

  1. a Sequence in Chase Mode 
  2. on a Master or in the Main Playback and 
  3. another Master set as a Time Master.

Sequence List Master.jpg
Above is an example of a looping Chase Sequence. Each preset is set to automatically follow another, and on the final Step it loops back to Step 1.

Looping Chase Sequence.jpg
Pressing the [SEQ] key brings up the Sequence List, where the Sequence can be set to Chase Mode.

Chase Mode.jpg

Here I've assigned two Masters. The first I assigned by pressing # [SEQ]&[Master Key #11]. The second one I assigned in the Master List, which can be found either in the Browser or by pressing [MODIFY]&[MASTER]. The Content # of the Time Master corresponds with the Sequence # being affected. Wherever this Sequence is playing in the console, it will be affected, including the Main Playback.

When the Chase Sequence is active and I bring up Master #11 (which controls intensity), it will remain paused until Master #12 is also brought up. Bringing the level of Master #12 up above 0% will allow the Sequence to start.

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