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Do I Have to Register My Emphasis System?


Do I have to register my Emphasis system?  Does setting the server clock backwards solve the registration requirement?


YES!  You must register within 15 days of turning the server on for the first time. 
If you do not register within 15 days, Emphasis Visualization will stop working. 
You will only have access to Emphasis Console Application (and then only in System Manager) until the software is registered.

If the software has not been registered, the easiest solution is to register it.

In an emergency:

You MAY have access to the cues/settings that were recorded in the last show saved. 
Access this by

  1. logging into the system manager
  2. Press the Windows Button and E
  3. Go to C:\program files\ETC\Emphasis Console
  4. Launch Emphasis Console Application
  5. Go to File then Import Show
  6. Browse to C:\program files\ETC\Emphasis Console\temp
    You should be able to open this file if it exists. It will contain all cue and channel information.
    And no.  Don't try to be sneaky.  The timer has nothing to do with the clock settings.  It is actually buried deep in the code.
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