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Creating an Emphasis Face Panel Disk

To create a facepanel software disk

  1. Exit Emphasis
  2. Insert a 3.5" HD floppy disk into the floppy drive on the Emphasis Server
  3. Login as System Manager
  4. Click OK to clear the warning screen
  5. Open the facepanel software folder located on the desktop
  6. Double-click the appropriate facepanel software file
  7. EmpExpression.exe-for Expression and Insight facepanels used with an Emphasis control system
  8. EmpExpress.exe-for Express facepanels used with the Emphasis control system
  9. Click unzip to extract the software onto the floppy disk
  10. Click OK when completed
  11. Eject the floppy disk from the Emphasis Server 

To install facepanel software

  1. Turn the facepanel off 
  2. Insert the facepanel software disk into the disk drive on the facepanel 
  3. Power up the facepanel. The software will load automatically 
  4. When completed, eject the floppy disk from the disk drive 
  5. Restart the facepanel
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