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Emphasis: When to Reload Disk Image

Loading the disk image is the way to upgrade the software to a new version of code in an Emphasis system. It is also the last resort method for getting a system up and running again if you suspect a server lockup caused by software.

Keep in mind that if you use this utility, it is a very drastic step that can change the way a system functions.

EVERYTHING on the server reverts to whatever default is on the disk image. This includes things such as System ID, Server IP address, Facepanel type, and ALL user interface settings. All software and/or driver files (printer, mouse, etc.) that have been loaded by an end user will be lost and
must be reloaded.

Occasions where an image reload would be appropriate:

  • To upgrade Emphasis software.
  • If unauthorized applications are installed on server and performance is affected.
  • To return server to absolute Factory Default.

There are 2 levels of reloading the disk image.

  • Option A: Overwrites the entire hard drive (both C and D drives). This will essentially put the entire server back to exactly as it shipped from the factory. EVERYTHING WILL BE LOST (including all show files)!!! DO NOT choose this method unless you are very, very sure this is what you want to do. There is no means of recovery if you change your mind after it has been done.
  • Option E: Overwrites the C drive but leaves the D drive intact. This will put the server back to factory default but leave the show files and anything else stored on the D drive as is. The D drive is meant for show file and NCE config storage only. If the user has been cleaver and put applications on the D drive, they probably will cease to function since the disk image overwrites the registry.

Again, make sure that you are very sure this is necessary before proceeding.

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