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How to Create a Custom Fixture on Emphasis

To create a custom fixture on an Emphasis console you do not need to download a separate personality editor. There is a Fixture Creation Editor already installed on the Emphasis Server. Follow the instructions below to create a fixture personality.

  1. Boot the Emphasis Server up. The software will load and open a previously saved show.
  2. From here, click on [File], [Close]

Emphasis Custom Fixture-1.png

  1. It will ask you to save save changes. Select [Yes] if information in the show has been updated since the last save, or [No] if no changes have been made.

Emphasis Custom Fixture-2.png

  1. Once the show is saved it will take you back to a blank screen with the Emphasis logo in the center of the screen. From here go to [Options], [Create new fixture...]. This option will open a popup window, where you can create a new fixture.

Emphasis Custom Fixture-3.png

  1. Continue to answer all the questions and then open up a new show. Go to the Library and select the custom fixture you've created, and insert it into your plot.

Emphasis Custom Fixture-4.png

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