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How to Create Custom Fixtures in Emphasis

  • It is possible to create a custom fixture profile on Emphasis.  Once created, it will be saved on the server on which it was created.

    To create:

    In Emphasis, choose File-- Close.  There will be a dialog asking if you wish to save your show file.  Confirm if needed.

    Under Options, choose Create New Fixture.

    You will open a wizard that will step you through the creation of the fixture. This wizard is just like the one used for regular Express / Expression / Insight console fixture profile creation.


    First, you must choose if you want to create a moving light or a static light.  There are several options, and you must choose what will best fit for you, even if it isn't 100% accurate.

    You will also be able to name the fixture at this time.  Be sure to give it a name which will help you find it in Emphasis patch later., then choose NEXT

    You will add parameters one at a time.  Follow the fixture's manual when adding parameters to the best of your ability.  To add a parameter, click on ADD ATTRIBUTE and choose the attribute from the list which best matches the parameter listed in your fixture's manual.  For example, Dimmer is INT because this means Intensity.  You can give the attribute a home value, denote if it is 16bit if needed and then make it LTP or HTP as desired.  Choose NEXT after you have entered all applicable parameters.

    On the next screen you will need to choose a circuit type.  This helps with paperwork created in the WYSIWYG Editor.  You can choose whatever you find most appropriate.  Then choose NEXT.

    The next screen asks you about path.  The path is where in the Emphasis library you will find the fixture you are creating.  By default this is a Custom.  We recommend keeping this path.  Choose NEXT.

    The next few screens will ask for simple information used to generate paperwork and data within WYSIWYG.  You will tell it things like lamp type and base, lens, field angles, color frame size and gobo if desired.
  • After entering fixture information you will be asked to choose a symbol and shape.  These will be used in the CAD when you patch in Emphasis.

  • Finally, add any notes you might desire. 

  • When you are done, you will find your new fixture under "Custom" when patching in Emphasis.

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