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How to Recover Emphasis From a Lost Network Connection

Recover From a Lost Network Connection

If the server and facepanel have a direct network connection (cross-over cable) and the facepanel is turned off, the network connection will be broken and there cannot be another connection made unless the application(s) requiring that connection are re-established, i.e. reboot the server. This is why ETC recommends that the Emphasis server and facepanel always be connected by a hub or switch.

The reason? 

Windows XP monitors the local area network connections in the background. If you disconnect the network cable, or turn off the hub to which it is connected, or turn off the device to which it has direct crossover network connection(e.g. facepanel); Windows XP will unload the network software and disable the network connection. Any application using the network at this point will experience network problems. If you reconnect to the network, Windows will reload the network software and enable the network connection. Unfortunately, the applications using the network connections are not notified of this event and they will continue to experience the network problems. A good solution to this is to restart your machine when you encounter such problems. Another possible solution is to use a hub or switch between the Emphasis system components instead of a crossover cable, and never turn the hub off.

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