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Slow DMX Output on an Express Facepanel with Emphasis Server

We have discovered an apparent bug in Emphasis.  This is in versions 1.4.0 and forward.


Site has an Express facepanel with Emphasis.  On some shows, there is about a 4-5 second delay in outputting DMX.  Some shows work fine on the same hardware.  This problem appears to be caused not by the hardware but instead by the way the show is patched.  One show that works has a one to one patch.  Another show that works has a patch that channels and dimmers are all over the place (not a one to one patch) but all dimmers are patched.  The show that has problems has a patch that has "holes" in it.  (example:  dimmers 4-5, 7,9, 12-14, 16, 18, 22-23, etc are unpatched). 


Patch all unused dimmers to an unused channel (any channel will do).  This immediately stops the delay.  Resetting the patch 1 to 1 also stops the delay.


This delay has only been seen in Emphasis Servers with Express Facepanels.  It may or may not be a problem in other facepanel types.  

The above work around should solve your problem but below are added performance tips


You can improve Performance by turning off unused features of the Express facepanels, especially MIDI and Remote Macros. L

To improve performance:
Turn the facepanel off and then when you see the prompt in the lower Left of the facepanel screen saying
Press [1], [2], [3] Simultaneously to enter the configuration menu.
Edit these options in setup one at a time.

  1. Take Remote macros to 0
  2. Take MIDI to channel 0
  3. Worse case Take DMX Speed to fast or Med.

This should improve the performance.

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