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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

ETCnomad Puck Power Supplies

There have been 3 revisions of the ETCnomad Puck hardware to date. Each revision has its own power supply but not every power supply is compatible with each other.

This chart shows the different revisions of the ETCnomad Puck hardware and the power supply with replacement part numbers:

  Original ETCnomad Puck Newer ETCnomad Puck ETCnomad Puck with SD Card Reader
Photo of ETCnomad Puck etcnomad_puck_1.jpg etcnomad_puck_2.jpg etcnomad_puck_sd.jpeg
Photo of Power Supply Intel PS.png GigaByte PS.png SD PS (1).png
Replacement Power Supply Part Number PS402-F PS458 PS517
Interchangeability Interchangeable with Original and Newer ETCnomad Puck Not Interchangeable


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